Saturday, October 3, 2009

April in September

How'd you like the supra-talented almost-too-perfect doped-up Kristin Chenoweth?

Pretty darn good cover of Take A Bow - and whomever dumped this talented chica, Meghan Tonjes, should get his ass kicked:

BTDubz, this girl takes requests...let's get her to sing another song that Glee did.

So this girl has a studio mic in her office...and did Maybe This Time b/c Kristin & Lea did it on Glee. I'm not sure that I believe that this is the first time she's heard this song. She's too good and too clearly experienced with musical theater.

Don't bother watching this whole thing...but I think it's funny that a dog watches TV/Glee and that the owner thought it was worthwhile to videotape a dog staring at the Glee-playing-TV for like 5 minutes.

Could someone please give "Tina" a little more to do? I want to see the kids more.