Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh hello there! Time for some Vitamin D in the middle of winter.

Please forgive me for deserting you. I got a little disheartened by the Kristen Chenoweth episode. For some reason I felt like it was just taking the show in the wrong direction. She's so awesome, they could have made more out of her. Anyway, after that I got really busy, like working 90 hours a week busy, and then I got laid off, and now we're in a Glee drought, so I'm going to get this blog caught up to speed while we wait an interminably long time for Glee to return on Tuesday, April 13th.

Anyway, let's begin where we left off with Vitamin D - the D being for DRUGS or Dextroamphetamine. The episode where Terry comes to spy on Will and takes a job as the school nurse only to drug all of the kids with the same drug in the diet pills she took in high school. And the kids. The kids are being lazy in Glee club so Will makes them compete against each other boyz-against-gurlz and here's what happens:
It's My Life / Confessions Part II

Halo / Walking on Sunshine - this is one of my favorite songs of the show so far:

"...also angels"

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