Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A "ballad" is a male duck -Brittany

Brittany, I love you.

Endless Love: (endless awkwardness)

I'll Stand By You:

Wasn't that moment with Finn and his mom after the song really nice and lovely? I'll stop saying that now because there were a ton of scenes with great acting and heart in this episode.

Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close To Me:

Emma was too good in this scene...and Rachel's takeaway from the song was brilliant:
"Yes, it means I'm very young and it's very hard for you to stand close to me."

Crush (not really a full song on the show, but...)

"I have to go, they'll think I'm pooping" --Finn to Kirk via his cell from the Fabray's bathroom.
You're Having My Baby: (couldn't find a video for this one)

Lean On Me:

General show comments:
--Based on the depiction of Quinn's parents, someone on the writing staff clearly grew up in a WASPy family in New England. The prop department failed though because WASPs don't drink pink wine.
--Wasn't in love with the concept of Suzy Pepper, but loved that they cast Everwood's Sarah Drew. When this Glee aired she was also doing a stint on Grey's Anatomy at the same time, so she had a good October/November '09 for sho.
--The "More Than Words" soundtrack while Suzy ate the superhot pepper was awesome. Anyone else have angst/swoon-ey high school memories attached to that song? I do.
--Wiping the tears from Lean On Me.
--Sue Sylvester was completely absent from this episode...

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