Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fan videos are getting reallllly good folks

Check these out:
Manny Garcia is the man - True Colors/Defying Gravity mashup:

More Manny - X4 - Imagine:

This guy, Jay Norton, is pretty adorable - and I'm almost certain he's a Brit, just listen to his pronunciation:

Another with Jay - Don't Stop Believin' - does he remind anyone else of Friday Night Lights' Matt Sarancean?

This isn't a cover, but these kids (who seem pretty young) made up a rap about Glee:

This girl made a good cover of Keep Holding On - I think her name is Sarah Jade:

This girl seems sweet - singing Defying Gravitty:

Another sweetie singing Defying Gravity:

Cute trio doing Somebody To Love - I'm guessing they're in show choir:

Cute couple doing Smile:

Father-Daughter combo doing Papa Don't Preach:

The beauty of this is not lost on me...dad spends time with daughter creating youtube videos of songs she heard on Glee, she'll probably not get pregnant.

Sassafrasses do Take A Bow:

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