Friday, April 9, 2010

Mattress - aka the yearbook episode - aka the big fight


Jump - couldn't find an embeddable one:
Jump video

Smile - Charlie Chaplin version from the end of the episode:

Favorite lines of the episode:
Brittany about Patches the homeless guy outside the library who was a former Glee club kid shown in the Thunderclap: "he barks at my mom"
"I could use a lieutenant, I have over 65 proposals." Rachel on adding a Glee club co-captain

Most potential prophetic statement, especially since all of the eps were in the can before the show went on the air:
Rachel before shooting the commercial: "guys, I want us to always remember this moment. Soon there may be agents and managers and movie deals, but right now I want us to remember what it feels like to be here together as a team."

The fight that Will and Terri have towards the end of the episode is some for real acting...and was really well done.
Quinn's standing up to Sue Sylvester was where she turned a corner to human...(so says my husband).

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