Friday, April 9, 2010

Seriousy awesome Glee related press-n-bits

Didja see the great Glee parody on Jimmy Fallon last night? I did...

On top of that Oprah had a whole special.
Somebody To Love:

Somebody To Love on Oprah's website

Don't Stop Believin':

Behind the Scenes
The Cast Answers Questions
Tour of the choir room by Matthew Morrison
Slushie tutorial

AND they went to the White House (as I'm sure you all know):
Somebody To Love, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Sweet Caroline:

True Colors, Home and Don't Stop Believin':

So much Glee love! And their promos have been glorious:
Like A Prayer:

9:28/8:28 promo:

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello promo:

Glee is back:

This is allllllll very exciting! (I know you get excited inside when you see these promos during American Idol).

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