Thursday, September 17, 2009 do we feel about that?

Alright darlings, a thought crossed my mind before watching Acafellas. I thought to myself, "This is the first new episode I've seen, what if it's disappointing in some way, what if it doesn't live up to the 3 I've seen so far? What if they take it in a direction I'm not crazy about?"

Within 5 minutes my fears were confirmed.

By the end I kinda got past it though...

I wasn't too keen on Mr. Schuester getting distracted away from Glee club this quickly. In the pilot he was bogged down by the pressure to provide for his baby-on-the-way and abandoned the kids, now he's reacting to his dad talking about "having guts" to follow a dream, Rachel criticizing his choreography and Quinn pointedly asking him if he'd ever performed after high school. And how does he react? Emotionally withdrawing from Glee club and chasing his lost dream of being a performer himself, with the benefit of male bonding, sex and adoration from the wife, a small feeling of success and the avoidance of dealing with the complicated feelings of being hurt by kids who shouldn't be able to hurt him and the huge challenge ahead to make the Glee club into a contender at regionals.

Alrighty, here is where I will give the show credit - they are very good at showing the audience the ways that the littlest things in a person's life can affect them deeply and change the course they're on. I just wasn't ready for Mr. Schuester to abandon the kids so quickly. Think about how that'll affect them? Are they going to be able to easily forgive and keep trusting him so completely? If I was one of those kids I'd be waiting for him to bail again.

So here are the songs from the show:
For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow – into – This is how we do it (Montell Jordan) - it ain't up yet...but this cover of This Is How We Do It is:

The video never came up online, probably b/c it's less of a song and more of a segment of the episode: (update, it's still not up, so I put up the recap that has the scene in there)

Poison (as in that girl is) (Bel Biv Devoe) – didn’t think Ken Tanaka or Howard Bamboo, the guy from the Sheets-N-Things would be able to sing, but hey, they can...

Mercy – Vocal Adrenaline – IMO, cheap. I want to see the Glee kids sing dammit. Imagine Mercedes or Rachel or Tina singing the lead on this...or Artie. Comedy gold. Of course I got it "I'm begging you for mercy, mean choreographer Dakota Stanley" but MORE NEW DIRECTIONS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!:

Bust Your Windows – looks like they’ll have 1 song an ep that breaks the rule of “the kids don’t just break out in song to express their feelings like in HS Musical” - this one was in the form of a fantasy. Interestingly, instead of tapping their feet and grooving their heads the boys who were watching over here just felt it important to discuss how much $$ this scene must have cost to shoot.

I Wanna Sex You Up - most satisfying song of the show...Puck made his singing debut and joined the Acafellas to gain more access to the cougars than just his pool business could supply. I’m fairly certain it real life. When you watch, in the beginning of the song don't be blinded by the Matthew Morrison juice, pay attention to Sandy Ryerson, he's really funny:

Um, how awesome is the shot of Puck then Sue Sylvester reacting to him? Superawesome.
Then Sue not standing up during the standing ovation was beauty incarnate.

Other bits I must mention:
We got to see some good Finn stuff...calling Rachel out, Rachel calling him out, his supereagerness to have a relationship with Mr. Shu... All that was good and enjoyable. I think I'm starting to see why ppl think Frankenteen is a star.

The Mercedes-Kurt-I’m-Gay scene was lovely...and while the speech by Mercedes is a little trite, it’s the point of the show...expressing what’s really inside you and having a place to be yourself.

Daktota Stanley...In case you kinda sorta recognize him, I'll give credit where it's due, my friend Cayce called it, Whit Hertford WAS the kid brutal in the beginning of Jurassic Park. Ringing any bells?

Lastly, let's discuss the fact that VICTOR-broadway-GARBER DID NOT SING A LICK...WTH? He did a good job making me believe he was a man who had not taken charge of his dreams and was weaker for it though. I hope he comes back and sings at some point. (And drunkenmummy was adorable) (Josh Groban hitting on her was kinda funny too)

I jotted down some notable lines from the show:
MOST DISAPPOINTING LINE: “okay, from the top” - I thought we’d get to see the kids do a flipping flapping freaking fracking song....argh

The rest of the quotes are just plain good:
Sandy, we voted, and when you’re in the group it’s creepy.

See anyone else with a plate of "I’m sorry" cookies? I don’t, just you.
Finn to Rachel

Have you ever been kissed by anyone? - Mercedes
Yes, if by "someone" you mean the tender crook of my elbow. -Kurt

And I didn’t have to show any of them my bosoms. -Will's mom
Honey, why don’t you go get yourself a Sanka. - Will's dad

The way you use your mental illness to help these kids is inspiring. I’m shocked you’re not married.
-Sue to Emma

Artie, you’re cut, you’re not trying hard enough. -Dakota
At what? -Artie
At walking. -Dakota

You’re freakishly tall. I feel like a woodland creature. -Dakota Stanley

Let’s roll Artie. -Tina

I’m going to have to ask you to smell your armpits.
-Sue Sylvester to Quinn & Santana Lopez

I’m revoking your tanning privileges for the rest of the semester.
Sue Sylvester to Quinn & Santana Lopez
(BTW, anyone else confused when Santana started weeping? I thought she was naturally that color. That's obvi the joke.)

Miss Sylvester, I want to thank you. -Quinn
For what. -Sue Sylvester
For teaching me a valuable life lesson. When you really believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down. -Quinn
...but reallllly that was a thank you to Rachel...and maybe we’ll see the girls become friends.

Peace out yo.

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  1. Dakota is also Walter "Duck-Face" from Full House!