Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you like it...

K, so I'd already seen this ep before, so I'm not new-ep-geeking-out like last week. Plus my poor hoooband is sick and I had to go to a screening of Whip It (it's pretty good), so Glee night was canceled at my house. (That'll be a one time only cancellation)

Anyways, I heart Kurt Hummel tons...and he was such a sweet love when he came out to his dad. They're so different, but he's his dad and he just wants his love. And his dad loves him and it was lovely.

The stuff Sue Sylvester is pulling with getting Sandy back to get Rachel away from Glee club reminds me of Hollywood, so I'm guessing that the writers were injecting some of their own emotional experience into that storyline.

And Rachel...sigh. She'll be battling her ego demons as long as...well...probably forever.

K, the songzzzz-uh.

Put A Ring On It basement dance:

Football team Put A Ring On It dance:

Jenna singing Tonight (BTdubz, we all know that girl (from Broadway) can hit that note, but whatevz, she was just acting):

Real life Rachel Berry:

Taking Chances (just the music)

Somebody To Love

Next week:

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