Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wine, Dine & Showmance me baby

Hello darlings..........

I realize a fatal flaw of this "musics only" blog might be that FOX might want you to only have access to them by buying the show/songs on iTunes only and be hyper-vigilant about making posters take down their videos.  We shall see.  For now...there are only "wassup, i taped my tv playing and i din't even use a tripod" versions of Gold Digger, Take A Bow & Push It, but that's better than nothing...
Gold Digger

Take A Bow

Push It

But hey, here is the whole episode blahhhhhhhh.

What about Say A Little Prayer? Got it

What about Sit Down You're Rockin The Boat?

Oh well, I've worked for FOX before, I should know better. To console myself I'll just post my new favorite fan vid:

la la la la la la what a sweetie pie. bye!

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