Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glee premiere last night...

So, I say JUST musics on this blog, but I must report on the Glee premiere last night. Working in teevee I somehow got on the gold list for FOX publicity, which is how I got the Cheerios jacket and a bunch of other Glee-rific stuff sent for my overenjoyment.  Anyway, I got invited to the premiere and of course I went, feigning total coolness, but in reality on the inside I was like "look it's Chris!" "look it's Amber!!!" "OMG IT'S JANE LYNCHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

K, so here is the rundown:
We (my husband, Greg & I) drive up to the valet - there are HUGEEEEE Glee hot air type balloons everywhere.
We go to the check in desk and get our red sparkly FOX VIP wristbands, but not before I see Chris Colfer in his bright blue shirt:

He was chatting with (overwhelmed and bombarded by) a huge crowd of suited FOX execs, publicists, agent types.

I didn't see Kevin till later, but Greg had eagle eyes and spotted him in his bow-tied, clam diggered glory:

So, we walk by these cheerleader girls who were awkwardly washing that Chevy...I think it was a cute idea in concept, but skeevy in execution because there were no high school boys to see it, just middle-aged publicity/studio types.  The car company clearly was an event sponsor though b/c we had to watch one of their commercials before the screening started.

Some dudes with headsets and sweaty, creased brows tell everyone to start to head in to the screening, so we head that way en masse.  In front of us was the girl from the other Fox show Dollhouse, Dichen Lachman:
On the way there was a spot to get a McKinley High Student ID...we skipped it, but got one when we came out:
We swung by the Popcorn-Candy-Drinks spot and saw the Glee napkins and vowed to steal a fat stack for our Gleemiere-gathering at our pad tonight.  We got popcorn, Red Vines AND an In-Your-Face-Rachel-SLUSHEE.  Yip yip!
We go in and grab seats - and guess what I'll never, so I'll just tell you: A GLEE L-is-for-LOSER FOAM FINGER!!!!!!!  And some Cheerios pom poms...I'm so excited to watch Glee with them tonight.  Rah Rah Sis Boom Glah!
We hang out for awhile watching the actors mingle around with the Fox peeps, they take these type pics:
If you're facing them like the photog we were sitting about 20 feet back in line with Diana...the front of the house was 90-degrees to their right.  Anywayz, we saw everyone mingling around...Lea Michele was a social butterfly flitting around the seated folks from pal to publicist to family member (I'm assuming, no idea who she was actually talking to)...then Jane Lynch had a funny air convo with a lady who was sitting to our left.  There was a lot of mouthing and gesturing and it made us laugh.

Then the CEO of 20th Century Fox, the unnaturally-hot-for-a-TV-exec Dana Walden got up and displayed her mediocre public speaking skills:
She did make this (could-have-been-funny) joke:
Ryan Murphy couldn't be here tonight b/c he's in Italy filming a small independent film with an unknown actress...okay, the film is Eat, Pray, Love and the actress is Julia Roberts...but he asked me to convey this message blah blah blah...he gained 10 pounds..blah blah blah...and I know he wishes he could be here and also that he was 10 pounds lighter.
Then the guy on her left who is the Fox Broadcasting, president of entertainment, Kevin Reilly, came up and talked and brought up the entire cast, but forgot Jenna (who plays Tina) and so he brought her to the middle.  Then he had everyone-everyone come up including the actors who play the characters we don't really know yet:
They are:
Heather Morris - who is one of Quinn's hench-cheerleader, Brittany
Dijon Talton - who just looks unfriendly in this picture and who plays Matt Rutherford, no clue who he is, I assume a FB player turned Glee kid
Naya Riviera - who is the other hench-cheerleader, Santana Lopez
And Harry Shum Jr. who plays a character named Mike Chang, who I can't remember at all...he has a LOT of dancing experience so I'm guessing he's a football player who eventually ends up in New Directions.
NOTENOTENOTE: They were all VERY chummy with the rest of the cast which indicates that they're a pretty big part of the show later on.

Then they did the thing where they give the charity chick a huge check for $25,000.  (National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts - they do really good stuff like get arts programs in the LA public schools who have NO ARTS FUNDING - blah LA)

Thennnnnnnn they showed us SHOWMANCE!  (after the car commercial)

Here is who,  pound-for-pound, got the biggest laughs:
-->Jane Lynch - obviously, duh, she's a superheavyhitter
-->Kevin McHale - he is a brilliant comedian...and I think that he will have equal division of the fangirl love between he and Cory
-->Chris Colver/Jayma Mays - tie

The songs in the show that got a huge reaction were:
Golddigger - obviously
Push It - the audience actually ruined the HUGE moment after the end of the song b/c we were so screamy/cheering/laughing-like-4-year-olds
Take A Bow - Lea killed it...and this is the only song that "breaks" the Glee rules.  This song was begun as a rehearsal, but then we see Rachel singing in the hallway of school at Finn/Quinn (just realized their names rhymed) who don't acknowledge that she's there and belting out a Rhianna/Leona Lewis song by the lockers.
P.S.  These songs are all on the iTunes, but I gotta say the broadcast version of the songs seem to be way better than the studio recording iTunes versions.  Maybe not for Lea, but the big group numbers are... 

Sidenote:  I have to say, a friend of ours who is in publicity and shall not be named did an event with the cast before the pilot ever premiered last spring and she said a few of the cast members were like TRUE drama/musical theater geeks - super hyperactive, very loud, etc.   I also won't say who so I don't tarnish your image of's not who you'd expect.  Anyway, hey have come a LONG way in their PR skillz since then.  Everyone was poised, polished and still very accessible.

OH...forgot to mention...a very tallerthanhe, sexy Latinasian woman was by the side of Mr. Schuester and boy-oh-boy was he happy about that.  They were kissysmoochytouchyfeely for sure.  I don't ever think anyone wondered if he liked boys, but he does not.

K, onwardsnupwardz...after the awesome screening...we come out and they've transformed the area to a cocktail-reception-meets-highschool-cafeteria place.  There are a few open bars, then inside there are super-gruff cafeteria ladies with hairnets barking at everyone to get their trays and keep moving. "I can't do everything, get your own silverware!"  (BTDubz, that's Greg with the cafeteria lady in the Gawker link) The food was like upscale high school fare - Mac-N-Cheese, Beef stew type stuff, chicken breasts, pasta, salad, etc. 

After we got our food it was funny to walk out of the "cafeteria" to try to find a seat at the picnic tables b/c everyone had the "omg-who-am-i-going-to-sit-with-omg-where-do-i-sit" high school lunchroom panic face.  We sat.  We ate.  Some people sat with us and we discussed the panic face.  I recognized a slew of Fox ppl and they recognized me, but am terrible with publicist names even if I've met them dozens of times, so I just avoided that part and enjoyed staring at the cast who were walking around.

One of the nicest things I saw was Ian Brennen with his family.  He is this guy who wrote a screenplay called "Glee."  It got into the hands of Ryan Murphy who decided it should be a TV show and now this guy who doesn't even have his own wikipedia entry is a Creator/Writer/Co-EP of one of the most highly anticipated TV shows in a long time.  The Hollywood dream is alive and well.  Anyway, the cast kept coming over and meeting Ian's family, which was really sweet.

Oh!  BTW, dessert was hosted by some cheerleaders as a bake sale...that's how we scored a bazillion napkins for the Gleemiere gathering @ my house tonight..."oh I'll just take a cookie and um, I need 20 napkins under it, thanks!"

We meandered and mingled around for awhile and then got our GLEE SHIRTS and went home.  All in all a very fun night.

Random notes:
These kids are sporting some serious hipsterjuice:

And can I just say this...Jessalyn Gilsig is like the nicest person ever.  I interviewed her a few years ago and the fact that my skin crawls whenever she's onscreen as Terri is a huge testament to what a great actress she is.

BTW - I heart her necklace AND I bet she's going to sing in the show eventually.  Apparently she has a lower voice and was always cast as the male lead in all of her high school musical productions.

Here are some other pics of the cutiepies:

K, until tomorrow! Hopefully the denizens of the internet will be productive and get vids up of all the musics in Showmance - fingerscrossedprettypleaseinternettheives!!! XO


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